Special Edition Wong Fu DVD Collection


Whether they make you laugh, cry, or simply look at the world a little differently, the short films of Wong Fu Productions have reached the eyes and hearts of people around the world.  For the first time, enjoy Wong Fu's most memorable and celebrated works in this special edition two disc collection.  These essential selections of music videos, hilarious comedies, and heartfelt dramas, are sure to delight longtime Wong Fu fans and new viewers alike.  Enjoy!



  • That Girl
  • By My Side
  • Home Word
  • Dance to This Song
  • These Four Walls
  • Kung Fooled
  • Real Friends
  • Hot Lava
  • Psychic Roommates
  • Hugger
  • Textreme
  • Two Weeks Later
  • Recess Court
  • She Has a Boyfriend
  • This is How We Never Met
  • Ted's Best Man Friend
  • One Millionth Subscriber
  • The Screen Test
  • The End of Wong Fu
  • The Long Lost Member



  • Strangers, Again
  • The Last
  • To Those Nights
  • Take It Slow
  • When Five Fell
  • Shell
  • Two After Noon
  • Somewhere Like This
  • The Places We Should Have Gone
  • Left on Shing Wong

Extras Include:

  • Director's Commentary
  • Exclusive Photo + Art Book
  • Recently viewed